New Ford Focus Unveiled: Ready for a 2019 Addition to our Fleet

7 Seater Car Hire in North Cyprus The Ford Focus is one of the world’s most popular cars. It has been a big hit in Europe and a huge success in China, which is why it was voted as the world’s best selling car in 2013 and 2014 and why it has remained in the top 5 ever since. Here In North Cyprus, the Ford Focus is one of the three biggest selling car hire model, which is why the the car rental firms are getting excited about the launch of the new 2018 model. Customer Favourite Award for 2017 Goes to… Pacific Rent-a-Car!

Ercan Airport Car Hire award We’ve received a lot of praise from customers near and far and as a result of all that hard work we’ve now been awarded the Customer Favourite Award for our services to Ercan Airport.

Now You Can Drive Pacific Cars on Both Sides of Cyprus

7 Seater Car Hire in North Cyprus If you rent a car with us in the north and you want to take it down to the southern part of the is-land at some point, then you just need to tell us in advance and pay a small fee of £50.

Top Tips for Avoiding Rental Car Scams

7 Seater Car Hire in North Cyprus As a customer, you need to remain vigilant, following these top 7 tips to avoid car rental scams, over-charges and other issues that the average customer faces.

7 Seater Car Hire in North Cyprus

7 Seater Car Hire in North Cyprus The lowest-priced car rental company in North Cyprus has just made itself even more customer friendly and family focused with a fleet of 7 seater vehicles. As a result, Pacific Car Hire is now your best source for 7 seater car hire in North Cyprus. 7 Seater Car Hire in North Cyprus

Car Sharing Versus Traditional Car Rental

The world of car rentals and holiday transport has experienced a seismic shift in the last 5 to 10 years. Uber muscled their way into a marketplace that had been dominated by taxis, effectively putting an end to high-priced services and even going someway to further the decline of public transport. Cycling rental schemes have also done their bit to reduce congestion on the roads, while changing the way we get from A to B. Rent a car or Share

Pacific Turkish Website

Pacific Rent-A-Car has now launched its new Turkish language site. So, whether you live locally in the North of Cyprus or you’re visiting from Turkey, you can now benefit from a Pacific Rent-A-Car service written in your language and created to serve your needs. New Turkish Website

UK’s Top 10 Holiday Stresses

UK holiday makers like nothing more than getting away to a sun-drenched tourist hot-spot and spending a few weeks by the sea. Such is the case with the tourists that flock to North Cyprus every year. They don’t ask for much. They just want a comfortable flight, an affordable North Cyprus car rental and a week or two of fine weather.That’s not too much to ask. But a recent survey of the UK’s Top 10 Holiday Stresses suggests that while British tourists are not the most demanding, they could well be some of the unluckiest, as our resident British writer explains.

Renovations at the Pacific Kyrenia Office

Pacific Rent a Car is proud to announce a recent update to our Pacific Kyrenia Office. We have created a space that is more open, more relaxed and more friendly, making life easier for our customers and a little more enjoyable for us as well. The office is in the same place it has always been, within the Pacific Rent a Car petrol station, but the layout and the design have changed .

15/03/2016 Pacific Rentals has joined the mobile revolution

Our goal was to create a site that was even more responsive, a site that was even easier to use and a site that was accessible to all. Everything you knew and loved about Pacific Rentals remains.>Read More

16/05/2015 The paper counterpart of your driving licence will no longer be valid

Before you travel, you’ll need to visit the website or call 0300 083 0013 and request a unique code linked to your driving licence record. This code will be valid for up to 72 hours and will allow us to check your information. Alternatively, simply download a summary for your driving licence record and bring that along when you collect your car hire. Read More

03/03/2015 Pacific Rent a Car is delighted to announce that we have just renewed our car park agreement with Ercan Airport, extending our contract for another year.

When you’ve just sat in a plane for hours, the last thing you want to do is to worry about how you’re going to find your rented car when you touch down. That’s why, as part of our ongoing commitment to providing a first class service to all our customers, Pacific Rent a Car is delighted to announce that we have just renewed our car park agreement with Ercan Airport, extending our contract for another year. This means we’ll be able to continue to put our customer first in everything we do, making it easy for you to have a great time when you come to North Cyprus. Read More

16-02-2015 Pacific Rent-a-Car is proud to announce that its airport reservations in January are up by an impressive 10%. This is a fantastic reflection of the high quality of our service and rental vehicles and provides extra reassurance for visitors to the area who want to get around Kyrenia and beyond at their own pace. - See more

29-01-2015 What would North Cyprus be , like without car hire services? Although Cyprus is small enough for visitors to be able to drive around easily, with quality, well signposted roads that don’t suffer from the same level of manic driving found in some other locations in the Middle East or Mediterranean Europe, without access to a car, it’s a different story.

Read More

25-01-2015 Increased manual car demand, if manual cars give you better performance, why would you want to hire an automatic? Well, there’s a lot to be said for the ease of putting your hire car in ‘drive’ and letting your vehicle do all the work for you, so you can relax. Speed limits are strictly enforced in North Cyprus, so you may well find that the cruise control function helps you stay on the right side of the law. Read More

As part of Pacific Rent A Car’s recent expansion programme, we’ve now added 20 new vehicles to our substantial fleet of cars for hire in North Cyprus, which takes the grand total to 140! We take great pride in our vehicles and only invest in brand new cars, to ensure customer safety and satisfaction at all times. Read Full Story

Dropping Oil Prices Enable Car Hire Customers to Enjoy Lower Fuel Costs in Cyprus

Historically, oil prices have always been unpredictable, and have a tendency to fluctuate without much prior warning. Its something that we are all too familiar with; as we watch petrol prices rise, then fall, then inevitably rise once more! Read Full Story

Cyprus Airways Closes

Implications for Larnaca Airport and Visitors to the Country After a period of extended financial difficulty, Cyprus Airways has officially been closed down, leaving locals and tourists alike confused and concerned about the future of air travel for the country. Read Full Story